AsiaCorp helps to take Martin P. Socks in a new direction

After having moved most of the production equipment from Denmark to their own new factory in Latvia, Martin P. Socks seemed ready for the future challenges – but suddenly the company was hit by the international crises in 2009.

The owners of Martin P. Socks realized that they urgently needed to change from a traditional manufacturing company into a far more market-oriented company with international growth ambitions. This proposal was the result from a 6 month’s development cycle, where AsiaCorp also managed to get 50% co-financing of public pools. A new growth strategy was made, in close cooperation with the management executive management team.

A road map for the revitalization of the company was conducted, with focus on new growth areas, changing working practices and recruitment of export sales executives, in order to be able to offer better service to existing international key customers and hunting down new major clients. Finally a new sourcing initiative was launched in the Far East.

“It has been extremely fruitful and positive to get new eyes on our business, and to get valuable input into how we can develop our international market potential. AsiaCorp has helped us to move from a traditional manufacturing company to be far more market-oriented but also to be much more focused on vital areas such as: procurement sourcing in the East, product development, and general organizational development in our company”. – Poul Sønderbæk, CEO – Martin P. Socks