Creating new business in Asiafor consumer brands

AsiaCorp Services

We are working in three main business areas:

Matchmaking with License-, Distribution-,
& Franchise Partners

We search the Asian market for the right partner on behalf of our clients. We assist in negotiations of commercial contracts, and navigate the many local conditions.

Selling IP-Rights / IP Joint Ventures

We assist global brands in selling their
IP-rights for selected Asian markets. Our acces to significant brand operators and investors specifically across Asia, puts us in a unique position that allows us to explore these possibilities, for brands considering this.

Company Buy-Out

We have gained access to a diverse field of big investors interested in consumer/lifestyle brands, through decades of working with and in the Asia Pacific region.

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Industry News

Has Hong Kong still got it? Dior, Louis Vuitton think so

Dior is the latest fashion house slated to present its men’s pre-collection in Hong Kong. While the venue and date have yet to be confirmed, the event will take place in early 2024. Since the city’s and mainland China’s reopening at the beginning of this year through August, Hong Kong has welcomed 20.5 million tourists — 80 percent of them from the mainland, according to VOA News. These numbers have yet to return to 2018’s levels, which were nearly double this year’s, according to the same report.

Asia, Europe put global luxury market on track for record growth in 2023

In the face of significant geopolitical and macroeconomic shifts, the luxury market appears to be weathering the storm, at least for the time being. A new report by Bain & Company and Altagamma forecasts that the global luxury market is expected to achieve remarkable growth, reaching EUR 1.5 trillion (USD 1.63 billion) in 2023. Southeast Asian countries have experienced positive momentum, driven by robust intra-regional tourism and increasing interest from local consumers, particularly in Thailand. Australia has also emerged as a player for growth in the luxury sector.

APAC takes centre stage in 2023 economic rebound

The year 2023 is witnessing a shift in global economic momentum, with the Asia-Pacific region emerging as a powerhouse for growth, reveals a recent report from GlobalData. Investors' attention is drawn to the Asia-Pacific region’s potential, as easing inflation and strategic economic moves set the stage for a flourishing year. GlobalData's Global Macroeconomic Outlook – Q3 2023 Update underscores the trajectories of regions in the face of shifting economic winds. The Asia-Pacific region stands as an outlier, projecting growth of 3.8% in June 2023, an upward adjustment of 0.10 percentage points from March 2023.