Creating new business in Asiafor consumer brands

AsiaCorp Services

We are working in three main business areas:

Matchmaking with License-, Distribution-,
& Franchise Partners

We search the Asian market for the right partner on behalf of our clients. We assist in negotiations of commercial contracts, and navigate the many local conditions.

Selling IP-Rights / IP Joint Ventures

We assist global brands in selling their
IP-rights for selected Asian markets. Our acces to significant brand operators and investors specifically across Asia, puts us in a unique position that allows us to explore these possibilities, for brands considering this.

Company Buy-Out

We have gained access to a diverse field of big investors interested in consumer/lifestyle brands, through decades of working with and in the Asia Pacific region.

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Industry News

China’s Outdoor Sports Industry: Growth Potential, Trends, and Opportunities

China is ramping up efforts to promote the high-quality development of the outdoor sports industry and boost associated consumption, having released detailed action plans. New lifestyle and consumption trends also contribute to the sector’s growth potential. Businesses operating in this sector will see increasing opportunities in the years to come. The surge in popularity is creating significant business opportunities.

South Korea is the world’s 10th-biggest economy and is leading an oriental fashion revolution

South Korea has grown to one of the world's top 10 economies in just a few decades. Total spending on personal luxury goods by South Koreans year-on-year grew around 24% to $16.8 billion, amounting to $325 per capita. Revenue in the Apparel market amounts to US$38.05bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 0.36% (CAGR 2023-2027).

Is South Korea the new spearhead of (Asian) fashion?

There is a new crown jewel in the Asian fashion and luxury market – not just a local success but a phenomenon gaining momentum worldwide. We are talking about South Korea, its consumers, its culture, and, most of all, the incredible success of K-pop music and its stars, who are currently winning over the world’s leading fashion houses, from Chanel to Saint Laurent.