AsiaCorp Provides


Consulting boards and executive management regarding the development of proper strategies and approaches towards the Asia-Pacific market. Doing the research needed to find out if and when a brand should go to the Asia-Pacific region.

Market Entry

Partner search in the Asia-Pacific Region. Researching the best entry strategies, engaging the right partners, negotiating commercial contracts, navigating the legal issues; building a business approach to deliver expansion for our clients into some of the world’s fastest growing markets.


Securing continuity and support in the market after contract with new partner is signed. Acting as the representative for our client/brand and representing the Brands’ assets. Working with our client and the local partner to deliver the commercial objectives of the business and implementation plan, ensuring that brand values and International standards are maintained and IP assets are protected.

IP-Rights and M&A

Assist in localizing investors in Asia, who are looking to buy IP-rights primarily for the Chinese market and for buy-outs of companies within the sports and lifestyle apparel and jewelry industry.