AsiaCorp helps SoleShot expand to Asia-Pacific region

Your smartphone is the key to the world. Experiences, sharing and caring, reaching out and being reachable. Options, entertainment, and quick access. It’s all a big part of our lives and the smartphone is often what ties it all together. SoleShot delivers fast and efficient emergency power to your device when you need it the most.

Plug & Play

No annoying cables while charging. SoleShot comes with a universal plug that fits both iPhone and most Android devices. You simply just plug it in your smartphone, and the SoleShot gives you power instantly. Moreover, you can customize your SoleShot so it will act as a unique business card

SoleShot: Vision

SoleShot is a re-invention of quirky, ugly and not user-friendly electronic accessories. The company’s vision is to disrupt a dusty industry. To re-invent, re-design and re-imagine small useful electronic consumer products elevating them from invisible and boring, but yet useful products, to objects of desire. Soleshot is bringing lifestyle and fashion into useful, but boring, low-cost consumer electronics.

The company has experienced a tremendous interest from several global and local brands. SoleShot aims now to expand to Asia-Pacific region and has chosen AsiaCorp’s services to assist the company in securing distribution in this region.

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