House of Amber have chosen AsiaCorp as their market entry partner

Further expansion in Asia for House of Amber

AsiaCorp, and our strategic partner JT Asia in Hong Kong, have made arrangement with House of Amber, to represent their interests across Asia, as their market entry partner. After establishing a strong foothold in China, House of Amber is now ready to continue its expansion into other major Asia markets via franchise.

Crafting amber since 1933

House of Amber is one of the world’s oldest and largest producers of amber designer jewelry. The company was founded in Denmark by Einer Fehrn and through several generations of craftsman. For more than 80 years, House of Amber has been creating jewelry from amber of the very finest quality, carefully selected and uniquely designed, and often set with gold, silver and diamonds. In fact, only 10% of the world’s best amber meets House of Amber’s exacting standards. In the hands of their skilled artisans, jewelry of both classic and modern design is created. Today, House of Amber is represented in the famous Kanneworffs House in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, and in all major cities in China.