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FYNBO FOODS has chosen AsiaCorp to help them find and secure a number of regional distributors in China, where AsiaCorp will use our HUB at the Free Trade Zone in Zhuhai, China, to penetrate distributors and retailers in Greater China.

Fynbo Foods has experienced a substantial growth in a number of exports markets including Japan, and has expanded their facilities and increased their capacity to meet consumer demand. Fynbo Foods is already on the lucrative Chinese market but now wants to take the business to the next level with the help from AsiaCorp.

Fynbo Foods are the leading brand in Denmark within organic and Fairtrade preserves, jellies and cherry sauces. The company started small with a brand new production facility on Sigenvej in Vraa – a small town in the middle of Vendsyssel in northern Jutland.

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Fynbo Food’s mission is to produce, market and sell processed fruit and vegetable products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.




Butler Taste has chosen AsiaCorp to advise on launching their exclusive brewed
ice-teas in Singapore, and to be responsible for the sales process and finding suitable distributors and retailers in initially Singapore.

Butler Taste started in Bjarne Buthlers café in 2006, where Bjarne wanted to brew his own signature beverage. The drink became a brewed ice tea, and after becoming a success in the café, he started brewing the ice tea in plastic-bottles, glass-bottles and Bag-in-Boxes in many different varieties.

Butler’s products are premium ice tea brewed with first class, natural ingredients and unique combinations of teas and fruits.

Today Butler Taste are exporting their fine products to Germany, Holland, Sweden, Greenland and Australia to retail, convenience and foodservice markets, and are now ready to look into Asian markets as well.


” When Butler Taste was ready for entering the Asian market in 2016 with our products, we had to find a partner who knew the market from in-side. It was very clear to us, that we needed an experienced, well-known and reliable business partner to help us get into the market.It was essential for us in order to become successful in Asia, to find someone, who had a structured approach and more important – someone who had done it before with great success.

We knew our products were right for the market, but we needed the basic understanding of the market, competitors, pricing, logistics, suitable packaging, legislation (Labelling, official government approval, exports, local legislations, CIQ) and the contact to importers and distributors – and not to forget the “after sales support”.

With our products, we participated in a huge food exhibition in Shanghai, China, this may, together with AsiaCorp,  who initiated and handled everything for us. Prior to the fair, AsiaCorp helped us in an extremely professional way, to prepare our business and products (Labelling, CIQ, documentations) and helped us work on a strategy for entering the Asian market. It was a great success! Through the good work from AsiaCorp, we found distribution channels and could even travel back to Denmark with our first Asian export order in the book.

We have been very happy with our partner, AsiaCorp, and we can strongly recommend AsiaCorp to others with the same challenges when entering an export market in Asia”

Tina Jønson

Sales director and co-owner

Butler Taste

If you are interested in exploring this business opportunity in Asia, please contact us at:





Jakobsens honey has chosen AsiaCorp as its market entry partner and adviser in order to secure new distributors in China and increase the already existing business in China.

Jakobsens A/S is one of Scandinavia’s leading producers of honey. The company offers a wide range of conventional, organic and Fairtrade honey, as well as agave syrup for retail, catering and industrial purposes.

Jakobsen primarily sell their products in Scandinavia, but have recently started exporting to a long list of European countries, as well as China and the US.

Production and bottling of honey takes place under strict quality procedures, ensuring high product quality.




The Danish tea shop – Carstensens tea house has chosen AsiaCorp to advise them on exporting their quality products and finding distributors in the Asian market.

Familien Carstensen tea house has the largest collection of teas in Scandinavia. With over 370 different teas, there are, pure teas, classic blends, own unique blends, as well as rarities from all over the world, which are hard to find anywhere else.

It all started in 1922 when Peter Carstensen Senior and his wife Hedvig Carstensen opened a general store in the Danish town Aastrup by Haderslev. Back then, they did not merely sell tea, but also other food items, ironmongery, tools, food for animals and many other things, that the surrounding farms might need. During the Second World War, merchandise was in short supply, but Peter Carstensen successfully distributed the goods, so that every customer received the same amount. It did not matter whether they were owners of a farm or workers on the farm. Everyone was treated in the same way.
When Peter Senior passed away in 1981, Peter junior continued the family business with his wife Lena Carstensen. Both had a desire to focus the business on food items, especially tea. When the chance came to buy a small grocery shop in Aabenraa, they immediately accepted. Here they could concentrate on tea and started mixing the first of their own blends, blends that remain popular today.
With almost a 100 years old history of mixing their own blends of tea, the combination of unique assortments and high standards have made them very popular. not only in Denmark but several places in Europe, for their quality brand.


Represented in:

Aarhus, Copenhagen, London, Oslo, Paris, Thessaloniki, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Osaka, Melbourne, Boston and New York