Project Description

Over the last decade “Nordic Cuisine” has won prices globally for its new food & beverage trends, and the best restaurant in the world for the last 3 years is from Copenhagen.

SPAR China has seen these business potential, and together with AsiaCorp and one of our strategic partners in China, a “Nordic Food & Beverage venue” is scheduled for December 2015 and over the next 6-8 month throughout China:

  • Guangdong province
  • Shanxi province
  • Shandong province
  • Beijing
  • Sichuan province
  • Henan province

We are offering the participating brands a unique chance to be introduced and sold in best performing SPAR stores across China. – SPAR China is buying the goods from our clients/suppliers, and the intention is to list the good performing brands in the regular SPAR China assortment for the entire China.

Currently more than 30% of the food & beverage listed in SPAR China stores are imported products.

The overall purpose of this NORDIC Food & Beverage event is to find suitable
products from this region, which should be listed in the SPAR China stores after a
successful test event.

With this concept, we are offering Scandinavian brands an inexpensive and unique chance to be introduced and sold in SPAR stores across China for a trial period, and hopefully get a chance to get listed in the SPAR China assortment afterwards.

A short heads up on SPAR China:

Today SPAR China operates over 230 stores within 7 provinces in China. SPAR retail sales in 2013 are EURO 1.4 billion with 19% increase on last year. It serves over 5 million customers a week. Over 30,000 employees work for SPAR stores in China. It also operates 8 distribution centers delivering 50 cities in 7 provinces.

SPAR China operates over 250 stores in 7 provinces in China with more than 800,000 sqm of selling space. SPAR China operates with two formats:

  1. SPAR hypermarket with the typical size of 5,000m²-22,000m²
  2. SPAR Supermarkets with the typical size of 600m²-1,500m². SPAR hypermarkets offer an open market feel and it seeks to be the “best in fresh” while also offering strong price propositions.

– Retail sales in 2013 was recorded €1.4 billion in China
– 10 distribution centers across China
– Currently stores in: Shandong, Guangdong, Shanxi, Beijing, Sichuan, and Henan