Project Description


3 x 1/2 day Master-Class focused on small & medium sized companies with a motivated ambition of exporting into Asia. The workshops were supported and partly funded by VÆKSTHUSmidtjylland/EU through their “GLOBUS program”.

  PROGRAM 2013:


Workshop #1 Keynote Speakers:
1. Short presentation of the unique strategic network in Asia – “The backbone” of AsiaCorp – Peter Dresing,  Founding Partner, MBA
a. Brandspoke International – Among the leading experts in helping brands into the lucrative markets of India, China   and Southeast Asia
b. JT Asia Consulting  Management Consulting Company, based in Hong Kong. Leading experts in Market Entry strategy and implementation in Asia Pacific
c. PCH International – optimization of quality, cost, and “time to market” – “end-to-end” services, delivering “absolute peace of mind” for our clients
d. Li & Fung – recognized as the world’s leading supply chain manager, within the consumer goods for retailers and brands  worldwide
e. PACE Logistics – successfully work and cover shipping for many Fortune 500 enterprises
f. PACE Wine – Largest wine SCM service supplier in South Western Part of China
g. BDO – among the largest accounting firms in China and among the five largest in Denmark
h. CHAS. HUDE – Provides a full range of services in connection with intellectual property matters
2. Brand entry in Asian markets – JT Asia Consulting Hong Kong, Mr. Jeremy Tang, CEO
a. China’s huge potential as a market – review Ten Highlights for 2013 and 10 years ahead
b. Case studies from SME brand entry cases conducted by JT Asia throughout Asian markets (India, The Philippines, Singapore,  Hong Kong and mainland China cases)
c. Development of strategy for Asian market entry
d. Asian Market Entry experiences: culture, negotiation habits, market research, competitor behaviour.
e. Questions from the participating companies and debate about the topics
3. Miss Kong Fanshuang, MBA
a. Chinese culture background
b. Consumer behaviour (FMCG case from UNILEVER in Shanghai)
Workshop #2 Keynote Speakers:
1. BDO International
a. Financial aspects concerning Asian business
b. Considerations/Challenges
c. Questions from the participating companies and debate about the topics
2. Kapitalbørsen – Carsten Færge, CEO
a. Financing and funding
b. Additional costs
c. Questions from the participating companies and debate about the topics
3. CHAS. HUDE – Lars Karnøe (Lawyer (H) and Affiliate Professor)
a. IPR legislation
b. Asian law challenges
c. Auditing and logistics in Asia
d. Questions from the participating companies and debate about the topics
e. What logistical scopes to consider when doing business with and in Asia – Selecting the strategy that fits your company best.
f. Questions from the participating companies and debate about the topics
4. How to cope with different languages and cultures and to establish best practice in HR – Dorte Steen, Center for HR & Theresa Blegvad, CEO & Partner – Insights Nordic
a. Cultural differences between the European and Asian employees and how the “Insights-system” can provide a common language for people from different backgrounds and different cultures
b. Definition of diversity and what role diversity plays in international business
c. Communication – the best ways to communicate with business partners from Asia and how to accommodate their differences and use their forces
d. Insights Discovery System seen from the perspective of a global business perspective. The Insights system works with the personality types that are valid and present all around the world. It provides a common language, so colleagues in e.g. Denmark and China, can understand and use in their daily communication. The Insights system goes beyond national and cultural background, and provides insight into the preferred ways to work and communicate