Project Description


Ferrarelle SpA, which is the largest mineral water brand in Italy, has contracted AsiaCorp to help to get a stronger foothold and share of the Singapore market.

Ferrarelle aims to achieve a prominent position through the export, above all, of it’s naturally sparkling water.

Ferrarelle is the fourth-largest producer of mineral water in Europe and is exported to over 40 countries worldwide, focusing so far particularly on the UK and the USA, where it has gained a foothold in the away-from-home segment, especially in delicatessens, top hotels, and restaurants, aspiring to carve -out a niche for itself among a small number of selected consumers in order to keep brand perception high.

Bottled water is expected to grow sustainably in Singapore, as the heath focus is getting bigger and the Singapore consumers often drink water instead of RTD tea and flavored carbonates. In connection with that, carbonated natural mineral water will witness a dynamic growth within bottled water.