Project Description

PILGRIMage to Asia Pacific region

Innovative Danish jewelry company PILGRIM has appointed AsiaCorp to represent their interests in selected key markets across Asia Pacific, as market entry specialist.
PILGRIM was established in 1983 by the two Danes Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen. In the early years they travelled around Denmark selling jewelry in the streets and at rock festivals. But swiftly their business started to grow and evolve into the international company PILGRIM is today. Now approximate 70 people are based in PILGRIM headquarters in Denmark.
Every single PILGRIM jewellery is handmade, hand painted and assembled by hand. On all items PILGRIM uses plating with either 925 sterling silver or 16 carat gold. Quality is a key word for PILGRIM and we have a strict CSR policy to help ensure safe and good working conditions for the production employees. Today app. 500 full-time workers produce PILGRIM jewelry every day.
The high quality and the fashionable design is the foundation of PILGRIM’s success, and with 4 collections a year PILGRIM will keep delivering unique designs to women around the world. PILGRIM jewelry is sold in more than 5000 retailers and concept stores around the world, and are now ready to expand their business towards consumers in Asia Pacific as well, by opening shop in shops and wholesale distribution throughout the Asia Pacific region.